AutoChat introduces ChatGPT   - AutoChat: Revolutionising Retail Conversations

AutoChat introduces ChatGPT  

ChatGPT has been the topic of conversation for the past few months and you can’t go on LinkedIn without reading an interesting story about it. So far, however, it has mostly remained speculation and theories. But now it’s happening – AutoChat is introducing ChatGPT as an additional functionality for the automotive industry, initially in the form of a pilot to gain experience. This is an important step to see how this groundbreaking technology can be used to make processes more efficient and provide customers with fast and high-quality answers to their questions. We look forward to seeing how ChatGPT will contribute to the future of the automotive industry.

AutoChat will be conducting a pilot period with several customers, including Autogroep Ursem Barten, in the coming period to see how we can get the most value out of this technology for the automotive company. The goal is to make processes more efficient and provide customers with fast, high-quality answers 24/7.

“We are excited to introduce ChatGPT as an additional functionality for the AutoChat platform,” said Maarten Bekkers, CEO of AutoChat. “We believe that this new technology will help our customers take customer service to the next level and improve the overall customer experience. We look forward to sharing the results of our pilot with the market.”

“Providing high-quality customer service is of great importance to us, which is why we are excited to participate in AutoChat’s pilot with ChatGPT. We are already a satisfied customer of AutoChat and have seen how their solution helps us improve the customer experience. We are excited about the potential of this new technology and look forward to seeing how it can help us offer even more value to our customers,” said Lars Welbers, Marketing Manager at Autogroep Ursem Barten.

AutoChat will share the experiences of this pilot with the market and continue to follow the further development of this innovative technology to ensure that our customers always get the best solutions to serve their customers.