Google Analytics 4 - AutoChat: Revolutionising Retail Conversations

Google Analytics 4

At AutoChat, we are proud to announce our latest integration with Google Analytics 4, which means that businesses no longer need to make changes to their websites to make the most out of AutoChat.

Our new integration allows us to log interactions with the chatbot, including when visitors type text or make a choice from a list (this is different from clicking a CTA button). We can also log when the chat is successfully completed, indicating that a lead has been generated, along with the chat URL and chat type (such as a showroom appointment).

To enable the integration, simply log in to your AutoChat dashboard and enter your measurement ID and API secret, which can be found in your Google Analytics account. Once you have entered this information, you’re ready to start using the new integration and fully leverage its features.

We are excited to continue providing our customers with the best possible experience with AutoChat, and we are always striving to make our platform even more user-friendly. We believe that our integration with Google Analytics 4 is a significant step towards that goal, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Discover the benefits of AutoChat and the Google Analytics 4 integration for yourself. Take a look at our platform today and let us know what you think!