Information security is an important precondition for the maintenance and smooth operation of AutoChat ‘s SAAS solution. The management recognizes the need to manage security risks and therefore attaches great value to adequate security of the information provision.

Ensuring proper security measures and facilities are in place is an integral part of AutoChat ‘s overall corporate policy. This concern also includes setting up and maintaining an adequate information security management system (ISMS) and the associated security organization.

The responsibility for drafting, maintaining and reviewing the security policy rests with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of AutoChat. About the security measures and facilities, a clear allocation and delegation of tasks, responsibilities and authorities takes place. Every employee is responsible for all aspects of information security that fall within their own sphere of influence. To this end, everyone within AutoChat must be familiar with the relevant security measures and facilities applicable to him/her.

Events that are (in)directly related to the security measures or facilities, or that may infringe them, are reported in accordance with the internal procedure for incident reporting. The purpose of incident reporting is to systematically test and improve the quality of information security.

Through objective and periodic reviews, AutoChat will monitor and continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the ISMS and necessary security measures and facilities.


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