Dialog software

The dialog software (or the basic module) provides integrated communication, or the dialogue function. This software is, as it were, the master component of the AutoDialog platform, which ensures the coherence between all the individual functions of the digital workplace. It connects all underlying systems (Appointment Request, Workshop Planning and Workshop Files) with each other via an intuitive interface and fun-to-use platform, which is focused on productivity.

Transparent and efficient communication

The basic dialogue function makes it possible to request information from the individual modules, to forward it to colleagues or to keep customers informed. All garage employees, from reception to mechanic, are thus able to communicate with each other schedules, quotations, checklists, updates and so much more. Without losing any information. Customers can also enter into a dialogue with the garage employees via a separate page. In the dialog they can consult their appointment information, approve quotations and view other practical matters. With an easy-to-send notification, customers know exactly when their car is ready for pick-up.

Quote: “At AutoDialog, we believe that to be successful in the mobility sector, an optimal dialogue between customer and service provider is necessary. Easy, transparent and proactive for customer and car company.”


Dialog as standard feature

Dialog is central to AutoDialog. Fast and efficient communication is primary in optimizing the workflow and processes in a garage or dealership. No more endless phone calls, emails or walking. Not only internal communication can be simplified by responding to the digital component. The customer is also involved in fully automated and digital communication.

In this way, the garage staff can switch more quickly and respond more efficiently to the needs of each customer. With a few simple actions in the AutoDialog platform, mutual communication is possible, so that the time saved can be spent on the core business: repairing and maintaining cars.


The Dialog module can be used stand-alone, allowing you to receive appointment requests and communicate with your customers. All underlying modules (Workshop Appointments, Workplace Planning and Workplace Files) fall back on this module, with the main aim of efficient, transparent and proactive communication.

Proactively informing your customers also ensures that he does not have to call himself, so that the reception staff can concentrate more on the customer at the counter.


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