AutotelexPRO - AutoChat


Integration with AutotelexPRO for publishing stock cars and AutoChat support

At AutoChat, we are pleased to announce our seamless integration with AutotelexPRO, a leading platform for automotive professionals. With this integration, car companies can easily publish their stock of cars to various portals, as well as to AutoChat, allowing our digital assistant to instantly answer questions about currently available cars.

AutotelexPRO is a comprehensive system designed specifically for automotive companies, offering a wide range of features to simplify inventory and vehicle data management. It allows car companies to record detailed information about their cars, such as make, model, year of manufacture, mileage, options and accessories. AutotelexPRO also allows car companies to determine the market value of their cars based on the most current and reliable data.

Thanks to our integration with AutotelexPRO, car companies can publish their stock of cars on various online portals, as well as to AutoChat, with just a few clicks. This means that the cars available in a car dealership’s showroom are also known to the AI digital assistant, so potential buyers can easily ask questions and schedule an appointment for a showroom visit or test drive.

What sets AutoChat apart is our advanced digital assistant designed to automatically respond to user questions and requests. Using the data available through AutotelexPRO, our digital assistant can directly answer questions about specific cars. For example, users can ask questions such as “Does this car have Apple CarPlay?” and our assistant will immediately check and provide relevant information about the vehicle’s availability, specifications and price.

The integration with AutotelexPRO provides a seamless and efficient solution for car dealerships to manage their inventory of cars while allowing customers to easily obtain information about available cars through our digital assistant. We are proud to partner with AutotelexPRO and look forward to providing our users with a comprehensive and personalized experience when searching for their next car.