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Software for inventory management and trade-in cars

With Fastback Extended, you centralize all your expert reports and acquisitions. You publish your acquisitions of OW to hundreds of dealers and traders both in Belgium and abroad to get the best possible price offer.

Our web application Fastback Extended allows you to

  • efficiently manage your acquisitions and expert reports with all necessary aspects (technical sheet, equipment description, automatic Car-Pass check, damage report, hidden defects, technical aspect, etc.).
  • enter the details of a vehicle via the license plate or chassis number
  • analyze the market price automatically
  • print the useful documents such as the acquisition agreement, purchase order, VAT certificate, declaration of conformity, etc.
  • publish your expert reports on Fastback Trade to receive more price quotes for your acquisitions

IT solution for stock management and used car sales (OW)

Our web application Fastback OW is a solution for dealers and car dealers. It allows you to manage your stock of OW quickly and efficiently, print the required documents for acquisition and sale.

Among the tools offered by our web application you will find, among others

  • signage cards, option and equipment lists
  • the automatic Car-Pass Control
  • the recommended selling price taking into account the attractiveness of the car
  • a complete analysis of your stock (stock rotation and average age of stock)
  • a web access to automatically transfer your stock to different websites
  • printing personalized documents (order form, etc.)

On top of that, Fastback OW offers you a multilingual interface that can be used by one or more concessions.

With Fastback OW, you share your entire offer on all partner sites (Autoscout, Gocar, 2ndhand, Facebook, etc.) with just a few clicks.