Integration with Hexon - your central hub for auto-publishing and lead management - AutoChat: Revolutionising Retail Conversations

Integration with Hexon – your central hub for auto-publishing and lead management

AutoChat is integrated with Hexon, a leading platform for inventory car management and lead management. This integration allows car companies to seamlessly publish their cars to AutoChat from all Hexon’s affiliated inventory management systems. In addition, leads generated through AutoChat can be effortlessly delivered to Hexon’s affiliated lead management systems. Hexon acts as a central conduit of cars and leads, allowing car companies to streamline their sales and marketing processes.

Hexon is a powerful platform that enables car companies to manage and publish their inventory of cars to various online channels. With Hexon, car companies can easily update their inventory, add specifications and upload photos, and then distribute the cars to a wide range of online portals and marketplaces. The integration with Hexon ensures that these cars are also available directly on AutoChat, allowing car companies to increase the visibility of their inventory and reach potential buyers.

With Hexon’s integration, automotive companies can take advantage of the platform’s extensive networks and coverage. By simply managing their inventory of cars in one place, they can take advantage of the wide distribution of their offerings across various online channels, including AutoChat. This increases the chances of reaching potential buyers and generating more interest in their cars.

Moreover, Hexon also acts as a reliable conduit for leads. When visitors interact with the AutoChat plugin and express interest in a specific car, the leads generated are seamlessly forwarded to Hexon’s affiliated lead management systems. This enables car companies to efficiently manage, follow up and convert leads to successful sales.

With the integration of AutoChat and Hexon, car companies have the ability to publish their inventory on AutoChat from various inventory management systems while receiving and managing leads through Hexon’s affiliated lead management systems. This creates a streamlined process where cars and leads are passed seamlessly, resulting in greater efficiency, greater reach and an improved sales cycle.

We are excited to partner with Hexon and strive to provide automotive companies with a comprehensive and integrated solution for their automotive publishing and lead management needs. By combining the power of Hexon with the intelligent AutoChat plugin, we help car companies optimize their sales processes and create successful interactions with potential buyers.