Integration with LEF - UnameIT's lead management system - AutoChat: Revolutionising Retail Conversations

Integration with LEF – UnameIT’s lead management system

AutoChat is paired with LEF, the leading lead management system developed by UnameIT. This integration allows automotive companies to effortlessly manage and track sales leads using LEF, giving sales consultants the tools they need to effectively contact and convert potential customers.

LEF is an advanced lead management system designed specifically to support automotive companies in managing and following up on sales leads. It allows car companies to collect leads from various sources, such as website forms, online ads and other marketing channels. With LEF, car companies can organize, prioritize and assign leads to the right sales consultants for follow-up.

Thanks to our integration with LEF, sales leads generated through the AutoChat plugin can be effortlessly delivered into the LEF system. When a visitor through the AutoChat plugin expresses interest in a car or wants more information, the lead is automatically captured and forwarded to the LEF system. This allows sales consultants to respond quickly to leads and proactively contact potential customers.

With the integration of LEF, sales consultants can work more efficiently and effectively to follow up on sales leads. They have instant access to the leads’ relevant information and communication history, allowing them to have personalized and relevant interactions. Sales consultants can use the LEF system to track leads, set tasks and reminders, and closely monitor the progress of each lead to increase conversion rates.

AutoChat’s integration with LEF provides automotive companies with an end-to-end solution for managing and following up on sales leads. From the moment a lead comes in through the AutoChat plugin to follow-up by sales consultants, this integration provides a streamlined process that results in improved conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

We are excited to partner with UnameIT and enable the integration with LEF. With this powerful combination, automotive companies can optimize their sales processes and build successful customer relationships through effective lead tracking.