Modix - AutoChat: Revolutionising Retail Conversations


Modix, a dynamic subsidiary of Cox Automotive, is revolutionizing the automotive industry through its innovative digital solutions. With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of automotive dealerships, Modix leverages cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive tools and strategies that enhance the online presence and sales performance of dealerships around the world.

As a part of the esteemed Cox Automotive family, Modix benefits from a rich heritage of industry expertise and a vast network of automotive professionals. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering dealerships, Modix has emerged as a trusted partner for automotive businesses, helping them thrive in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

At the core of Modix’s offerings lies a suite of digital marketing solutions that maximize the visibility and reach of automotive dealerships. These solutions encompass an array of services, including website design and optimization, search engine marketing, social media advertising, inventory management, and lead generation. By employing data-driven insights and employing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Modix ensures that each dealership’s digital presence is tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Modix understands that in today’s digital age, consumers rely heavily on online research and shopping before making automotive purchase decisions. To cater to this trend, Modix enables dealerships to create engaging and user-friendly online experiences that captivate potential customers, build trust, and ultimately drive more sales. By leveraging advanced analytics and user behavior tracking, Modix enables dealerships to make informed decisions, optimize their marketing strategies, and capitalize on new opportunities for growth.

Committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Modix provides comprehensive support and guidance to dealerships at every step of their digital journey. From initial onboarding to ongoing performance monitoring, Modix’s team of industry experts works closely with dealerships to ensure seamless integration, implementation, and optimization of their digital solutions.

With a strong track record of success and a dedication to innovation, Modix continues to shape the future of automotive retail. By equipping dealerships with the tools they need to succeed in the digital world, Modix empowers them to thrive, connect with customers, and drive sustainable growth in an ever-evolving industry.