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AutoChat now also linked with workshop planning system Plan-IT

For making workshop appointments, AI assistant AutoChat is now also linked to Plan-IT. Customers of car dealerships that work with Plan-IT can make a workshop appointment (without the intervention of the workshop reception) via AutoChat for all makes and branches of a car dealership 24/7. AutoChat’s digital assistant shows them what work can be scheduled at what time. Once the appointment is made, both the customer and also the branch of the car company will receive confirmation of it.

Because AutoChat’s digital assistant can be reached 24/7 and thus at any time of the day or night, providing answers to questions and scheduling appointments, customers can therefore communicate with the car company even outside regular business hours (at a time that suits them). AutoChat’s conversational design specialists ensure that customers receive a warm welcome and the contact “maximizes conversion” to an appointment.

This gives workshop reception staff more time to provide optimal service to customers, prepare invoices in a timely manner (car ready = invoice ready) and provide a good explanation of the invoice during car pickup, which of course improves customer satisfaction and job satisfaction at the workshop reception. So a Win-Win for the car company and its customers!

So for making a workshop appointment via the AI assistant AutoChat, a cooperation with Plan-IT has now been established in addition to AutoDialog.